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Carl Palmer

Carl Palmer:

The cavalier leader of Squad 12. Always tries to base his command style on that of Captain James T. Kirk, regardless of how poor an idea it is in practice. Joined NASA in hopes of getting to seduce a green-skinned alien space babe. This hasn't happened yet. The director of NASA is his father.

Specialized Weapon: Magnetic Swords:

Carl wields two swords in battle, a samurai katana and a large broadsword with a tapered edge. On his own, he can only fight with one, usually favoring the broadsword in this circumstance. However, his suit contains magnetic fibers that react to the magnetic alloy his swords are made of, making them considerably lighter to him and enabling him to wield a sword in each hand. The suit also allows him to draw his swords back to him from a considerable distance. Though he doesn’t have to make Jedi Force-summoning hand motions when he draws his swords back to him, he often chooses to do so anyway.


Chris Haynes

Chris Haynes:

Carl's second-in-command and Squad 12's sharpshooter and "civilian relations" expert. Sort of a pansy. Laments Squad 12's frequent violations of protocol. Is the only member of Squad 12 allowed to touch the memory-wiper. Afraid of several things, especially clowns.

Specialized Weapon: All the Guns:

Chris has a variety of guns, from pistols, to sniper rifles, to a rocket launcher, that he names after various sitcom characters. The only thing special about the guns themselves is that they have tiny homing chips installed in the handles, allowing Chris to instantly and remotely teleport any gun he wants from the NASA armory to his coat pocket and back so long as he’s wearing his suit and is somewhere on Earth. When he is out in space, the gun teleportation suffers from lag, as it is limited to the speed of light.


Steve Garcia

Steve Garcia:

Squad 12's resident machinist and party animal. Steve keeps all of Squad 12's vehicles, weapons, and tools in working order. Immigrant from Honduras who signed on with NASA to avoid deportation. Generally only cares about the mission when forced to. Drives the van.

Specialized Weapon: Rickenbacker
Six-Nine Thousand:

Steve’s weapon is a guitar that, when plugged into a special adapter in his suit, can create sound waves that, depending on the settings, can cause concussive damage, act as an EMP Bomb, or straight out vaporize things. Steve doesn’t use the vaporization option often, as it is difficult to control collateral damage and sometimes the switch gets stuck. Another drawback is that Steve’s guitar is just as fragile and easy to break or warp as a regular guitar, and he must constantly work to keep it in good condition, lest he cost NASA a ridiculous amount of money in repairs.


Rebecca Connor

Rebecca Connor:

Carl's adopted sister and Squad 12's token girl, as well as its token sociopath. The rest of Squad 12 sees her less as a team member, and more as a fiery little ball of anger and hate that they try to keep pointed at things worse than she is. They don't always succeed. Connor's favorite hobbies are wanton violence and coming up with new and insulting nicknames for her friends.

Specialized Weapon: Hand of Fire:

Connor wears special gloves that she can use to light and control fire, using the oxygen in the air to ignite it. The drawback is that it requires oxygen to function, meaning that in deep space, her gloves are useless, and in areas where oxygen is limited, she can’t use her weapon without using up all the air and potentially dooming herself or her companions (note that this doesn’t generally stop her). Another drawback is that while Connor’s suit is completely fireproof, Connor herself is not, and she can and does easily burn herself by accident.