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Biff Alperson

Biff Alperson

Biff is the producer, editor, and star of Mysteries of Lake Moron, a weekly online show about the paranormal with a whopping twelve subscribers. His day job is working for Nina at Elf Tropolis, the local comic and gaming store. For a very loose definition of “work.” He's also the legal guardian of his little brother Clyde. For a very, VERY loose definition of “guardian.” Also “legal.”

He may be kind of an idiot.

Clyde Alperson

Clyde Alperson:

Clyde is Biff's little brother, and a freshman at Morone High School. He chose to live with Biff instead of his parents so that he could stay in the same city as his friends and girlfriend, and regrets that decision almost every day. He has a very difficult life, just like every teenager, and overcomes his troubles with surliness and sarcasm, the way God intended.

He may be kind of a jackass.




Bobbes is Biff's pet bunny rabbit. He talks. And he's blue. And, like, three feet tall.

He may be kind of not really a rabbit.


Nina Fristrom

Nina Fristrom:

Nina is Biff's boss at Elf Tropolis, with whom he shares a complicated, vaguely romantic history. She took over Elf Tropolis as a favor to Biff when the previous owner left it to him after dying in a tragic sushi-related accident. She's largely ignorant of comics and geek culture, but manages to stay on top thanks to business savvy and having the only comic and gaming store within a fifty mile radius.

She may be kind of plotting something.